An exciting project

Innovative and global approach


We start the PUE Control project with a lot of illusion. Our mission is to improve the availability, efficiency and security of the datacenters of our customers, for this we have our vision that makes us different: the data processing center is a whole and must be considered globally, starting in the electrical input board and ending in the last application.

Until now, the datacenter has been divided into two worlds: infrastructure (electricity, cooling, physical, security, etc) and IT systems and services. The firts world has traditionally orbited around the maintenance department, while the second has been in charge of the systems department. This separation also occurs in the budgets and in the suppliers. These parallel lives translate, at best, into inefficiencies., but can have worse consequences in terms of unavailability of security problems.

We are able to solve the problems of the data center and its performance, considering it as a global asset. We study the synergies between the design of the data center and its facilities with the IT systems it has to house, analyzing in both cases which improvement actions should be carried out to achieve a better result and reduce costs. That is why our team is able to include this global vision in internationally recognized best practices such as ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 and ISO 50600.

This global conception of the datacenter requires new metrics and new control systems. In PUE Control we provide two fundamental elements: innovative metrics and an ecosystem of software and hardware elements suitable for measuring and controlling them. For this we use IoT and Machine Learning and achieve great improvements in all areas of the DataCenter.