PUE Control joins  enerTIC

PUE Control has joined enerTIC, the business platform of IT companies for improving energy efficiency. As its name suggests, the objective of enerTIC is very transversal, and covers four major areas: People, IT Infrastructures, Spaces and Buildings and Key Sectors. PUE Control has been include in the ICT Infrastructure Solutions Working Group. The purpose of PUE Control with its incorporation to enerTIC is to exercise leadership in the group and contribute to the transformation of the Data Processing Center.

The incorporation has also played an important role: PUE Control has actively participated in the organization of the conference Great Technological Infrastructures in the new digital era: Efficient and energy sustainable. The collaboration of PUE Control has focused on the definition of the five sessions of the daty and on the selection of speakers.

PUE Control also participated in the meeting of the working groups held on 13 September 2018. In the first part of the meeting in the next events to be held by the platform were presented. In the second part of the meeting the candidatures for the six edition of the enerTIC  awards were analysed, both in the category of projects and executives.