An optimized data center or a quality IT service is not possible without well-trained professionals. Our training courses are ideal to improve the exploitation of the data center and take the necessary actions to improve the availability, efficiency and security metrics. It is very important to understand which is the relationship between the datacenter (continent) and the IT equipment (content) hosted. Our courses cover all areas of the data center, with courses for each subject. In addition, we teach them in three modalities:

  •  Face to face: small groups in high quality locations.
  •  In Company: learning program designed for the client and taught at the customer office.
  •  Mixed Program Consulting-In Company Training: the goal of this program is an integral coaching. In the morning, training is provided in the customer's office and in the afternoon support consulting is carried out to apply the acquired knowledge to the customer's system.  

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There is a course for you in any of the three options.